We Know Our Fish...

Here at Lions, we are dedicated to the production, innovation, and development of salmon and fish products for manufacturing, retail, food service, wholesale and export industries. Based at our state of the art site in Central Scotland, we are fully integrated, BRC accredited, and it is our policy to manufacture products to the highest standards and quality. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the best quality products every time.

Salmon and Seafood Processor

Lions Speciality's range of salmon and seafood is produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and all produce meets all current EU legislation. Our raw materials are important to us, and this shows in the quality of the products our customers receive, as we treat each process and ingredient with the professionalism and care you expect. Here at Lions Specialty, we provide a huge range of high quality products that are perfect for catering and events. Our range of salmon and seafood products are made with the utmost care to ensure the best quality, so that whatever the occasion, they’re sure to taste great. The variety in cuts, flavours and styles we offer lend themselves to a whole host of recipes for every catering event. The options are truly endless, however, we’re sure you and your guests will enjoy our popular catering suggestions.

Lions Speciality Food